How to crack NDA , Navy & Air Force ?

NDA examination is conducted by UPSC twice a year.The Entrance exam is conducted in two tiers firstly written secondly SSB.The candidates who are recommended go for Medicals & after clearing it are appointed as per vacancies available.
The age limit is between 16 years 6 months & 19 years . NDA examination is only for boys & girls are not permitted to appear in this EXAM till date .In future girls can be permitted.
Students from all streams can appear in NDA i.e. Arts, Science or Commerce.
Subjects in written examination are Mathematics – 120 questions – 300 marks & General Ability which includes English as well as General Knowledge . General Ability consists of 150 questions and 600 marks. That means written test is of 900 marks.
SSB is also of 900 marks.
You should prepare for NDA in following way :
1.Firstly go through the Syllabus in systematic way.
2.Secondly have a glance at previous years question papers atleast of 10 years. This will help you in understanding the contents, patterns & importance of various sections.
3.Procure quality study materials and assignments . Many books and Class notes of coaching institutes are available but try to choose best possible.In my opinion go for study materials of Brilliant Academy of Learning currently the best option available before aspirants.
4.Prepare time table of your study schedule as per time available , your study capability, your interests, your strengths and weaknesses & your planning.
5.Give your 100% .Study properly. Keep yourself motivated ,cool & calm.Firm commitment & dedication towards your studies counts very much in modern competitive exams where competition is getting tougher and tougher.
6.Having completed your syllabus atleast once start solving previous year questions & model papers strictly in examination conditions.
7.If you feel you need additional support then visit Brilliant Academy of Learning situated at Laxmi Nagar Metro station Gate No.3, Shakarpur, DELHI.You may Contact _9711529539/9212096139 or log onto

8.For SSB improve your writing & communicative skills . Develop leadership skills . Inculcate Officer qualities. Be honest but diplomatic. Be soft spoken but confident. Be polite but skilful. Practice story writing. Picture perception and picture discussion requires continuous practice. Practice SRT,Word Association Test, Reasoning, Individual lecture & Group discussion.

9. Keep yourself physically and mentally fit . Be positive in your approach. Be friendly and develop team spirit. These qualities will help you in SSB.

Lastly best of luck to all NDA aspirants.

If you need any help or coaching please contact Brilliant Academy of Learning at – 9711529539/9212096139/9891726652

Thanks for reading my blog and hoping that it might have helped you.

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